4 tips when planting flower bulbs

With flower bulbs you can enjoy colorful flowers in your garden for months. Planting flower bulbs is certainly not difficult and you will see the first bloomers appear early in the spring. Then of course you have to plant the bulbs in the fall to let the spring bloomers gain enough energy. When the first snowdrops or crocuses start blooming, it’s time to plant summer bloomers such as the anemone and dalia.

Spring bloomers
The most famous spring bloomers are: tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, crocuses, grape hyacinths, snowdrops, eranthis and fritilarias

Summer bloomers
The summer bloomers at a glance: dahlias, begonias, gladioli, lilies, anemones and ranunculus.

If in doubt, check the user manual or the internet. Also read: Festive spring bloomers: flower bulbs

Tips when planting bulbs
The best time to plant spring bloomers is from September through December. It is best to have the bulbs in the ground before the first night frost sets in. Summer-flowering bulbs are best planted after the night frosts have passed, but before the end of May.

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