9 orange flowers for the garden

If you like bright colors, orange flowers are of course a nice option. There may be many more plants that display this striking color than you think. In addition, there are also shrubs that adorn themselves with orange berries. That way you don’t have to miss this cheerful color all year round. The best part is, of course, that orange is a color that also contrasts perfectly with green, but other beautiful color combinations are also possible. Below you will find an overview of orange flower names and flower types.

witch hazel
This shrub (or rather small tree) is a naked bloomer. Dar means that the flowers seem to appear on the bare wood. This is precisely why the flowers are so striking with their bright orange petals. In addition, the witch hazel blooms in the middle of winter and spreads a wonderful scent while the rest of the plants are resting. It’s not called magic for nothing.

Crocus Golden Bunch
Crocuses cheer up spring with their beautiful flowers in many different colors. They really are a harbinger of the moment when the entire garden will come back to life in exuberant colors. The Golden Bunch is less visible than other colors. That is actually surprising because the orange/yellow flowers really give a special accent at this time of year.

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